Original Documents Found in Archives
1929 to 1938

Anna G Hertzbert (Eli)
San Antonio Table
Director from 1929 to 1930
1930 January 1 to April 24 General Correspondence for FTG; Resolution Adopted by State PART at San Antonio Meeting, March 1930; History of the Pan American Round Table Movement
Carolyn Hopkins Smith (Asher T)
Laredo Table
Director from 1930 to 1932
1930 May 1 to December 5 General Correspondence for FTG; State Meeting Resolution, May 1, 1930 in San Antonio; FTG Speech to San Antonio Rotary Club October 3, 1930

1930 December 6

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Mexican Art Exhibit NOTES
1930 December 12 to 1932 November 28 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence
1931 January 23 to February 22 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence; State PART Committee Report on the Provisional Preamble, Constitution and By Laws
1931 February 28 State Meeting of PART in Laredo, February 28, 1931 - Minutes; Austin, Laredo, San Antonio and El Paso Table Reports
Elizabeth N Mather (W T)
Austin Table
Director from 1932 to 1933
1932 January 1 to December 28 Letter from Bessie Kirkland, appointed Representative of Mexico City to State Convention, Austin, April 14, 1932 reporting to Mexico City Table on her Convention experience; Minutes of PART State Meeting in Austin, April 14, 1932 including Minutes and, Annual Table Reports for Austin and El Paso; Report on the Election of State Officers in El Paso June 1, 1932; PART Executive Board Meeting Minutes December 28, 1932 in El Paso
1933 January 1 to April 26 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence; Minutes of the PART State Board Meeting in El Paso, February 19, 1933
1933 May 4-6

Resolution Presented at the State Meeting in El Paso, May 4, 1933 Concerning the Study of Spanish in the State of Texas (Adopted Resolution follows) and a Resolution regarding the Tour of Friendship by Herbert Hoover, President-Elect; Florence Terry Griswold Report as Delegate to the PART State Meeting May 4, 1933 in El Paso; PART State Convention May 5-6, 1933 in El Paso including Austin, Brownsville, Laredo, El Paso and Mexico City Report, Extension Committee Report, Toast to FTG, Adopted Resolution, Constitution and By-laws Committee Report

Alexina Falls Chase (C C)
Laredo Table
Director from 1933 to 1934
1933 September 8 to October 13 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence; Minutes, Treasurer's Report and Nominating Committee at the State Board Meeting, October 13, 1933 in El Paso
1934 January 1 to April 17 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence; Board of Directors Meeting April 17, 1934 in El Paso
1934 April 25-26 1934 April 25-26 State Meeting - Brownsville: minutes and Treasurer's Report , Brownsville, Laredo, Austin, San Antonio and Mexico City Table Reports
1934 July 5 to November 27

Executive Board Minutes July 5, 1934 in Laredo; October 16, 1934State Meeting with reference to the Presentation of the Flags of America; Miscellaneous Correspondence regarding Mexican Donation of the Flag of the Americas to school children in El Paso

Agnes Martin (Albert)
Laredo Table
Director from 1934 to 1936
1935 January 15 to April 14

PART Executive Board Minutes January 15 and March 14, 1935 in Laredo; 1935 April 14 Unveiling of Good Will Marker on Laredo's International Bridge

1935 April 15 A Minutes of PART State Convention 1935 April 15 in Laredo
1935 April 15 B Continuation: PART State Convention 1935 April 15 in Laredo Treasurer's Report; Table Reports from Laredo, Brownsville, El Paso, San Antonio; Extension Chair and Foreign Secretary Report
1935 May 2 to June 11 1935 May 2 Executive Board Minutes - Laredo; Pan American Union Program notes June 11, 1935 Washington DC
1936 February 8 to April 1 Executive Board Meeting Minutes-Laredo, February 8, 1936; Resolution adopted PART of San Antonio, February 17, 1936; Correspondence
1936 April 14-15 Discussion Topics for State Meeting on April 15, 1936 in San Antonio; PART State Meeting in San Antonio April 15, 1936 includingProgram, Minutes and Austin Delegate's Report to Convention
Olivia D. Nolte (Walter)
San Antonio Table
Director from 1936 to 1938
1937 January 12 to April 7 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence
1937 April 13 to April 19 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence and Reports on PART State Meeting 1937 in Austin
1937 May 12 to November 18 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence
1938 January 12 to March 17 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence
Bernice Loomis Worthington (J W)
Brownsville Table
Director from 1938 April to August
1938 May 2 PART State Meeting - San Antonio including Minutes (some missing) and Treasurer's Report; Table Reports by Laredo, Brownville, McAllen and (2) San Antonio; Two Resolutions Adopted at the PART State Meeting in San Antonio May 2, 1938
1938 May 13 Mrs. Walter Nolte correspondence for State Director Worthington on Resolutions at the PART State Meeting May 2, 1938
1938 June 6-28 Worthington Correspondence
1938 June 5 to August 29 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence
1938 July 21 to August 15 Miscellaneous FTG Correspondence

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