Original Documents Found in Archives
1949 to 1959

Clara Rilly Ely (W W)
Director from 1949 to 1951
1950 March 9 (Board: Austin) Executive Committee Meeting Minutes and Financial Report
1950 June 20 Treasurer's correspondence regarding FTG Scholarship funding history
1951 March 28-29 (Section A) (Convention: Fort Worth)

State Board Meeting Minutes, March 28 and 29, 1951 in Fort Worth:
Biennial Convention of the PART of Texas in Fort Worth, March 28-29, 1951: Program and Minutes, Framework Constitution

1951 March 28-29 (Section B) (Convention: Fort Worth) Biennial Convention of the PART of Texas in Fort Worth, March 28-29, 1951: Reports from State Director; Finance, Nominating Committee
Table Reports from: Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corsicana, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Benito
Lucile Hooper (W N)
Director from 1951 to 1953
1952 March 23-24 (Board: Houston) State Board Meeting, March 23, 1952 in Houston Texas: Minutes and Treasurer's Report
1953 April 7 (Board: Beaumont) Minutes of State Board Meeting, April 7, 1953 in Beaumont, Texas; Digest of Minutes of State Board Meeting and Regular Sessions
1953 April 8-9 (Section A) (Convention: Beaumont) 26th Annual PARTT Convention: Program; State Director Hooper (1951-53) Recommendations; Treasurer's Report, Audit Report; Convention Minutes
1953 April 8-9 (Section B) (Convention: Beaumont) Table Reports: San Antonio (1951-52 and 1951-52-53), Laredo, El Paso, Austin, McAllen, and Dallas I
1953 April 8-9 (Section C) (Convention: Beaumont) Table Reports: Houston (2 Reports), Corsicana, Fort Worth (1951-52 & 1952-53), San Benito, Conroe
1953 April 8-9 (Section D) (Convention: Beaumont) Table Report: Brownsville; Library Committee Recommendation for a "PART Library"; Waltrip Convention Correspondence: suggested Regulations/By-laws for the organization of Junior Pan American Round Tables; By-laws Article regarding the Insignia for the Alliance; Nominating Committee Report; Resolution
Dave Pumphrey (A B)
Fort Worth
Director from 1953 to 1955
1954 May 11-12 ( Board: Ft. Worth) Minutes of the Board of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas Executive Session in Fort Worth
1955 April 13 (Board: Austin) State Board Meeting in Austin: Minutes
1955 April 14-15 (Convention: Austin) Director's Pre-Convention Review of Tables' Responsibilities; Summary of Convention Reports; Convention Minutes; Resolution A and Resolution B; Convention Table Reports: Austin (in link)
Elizabeth Davis (Albert R)
Director from 1955 to 1957
1955 April 30 State Director Elizabeth Davis' report to Rep. Frazier on PART of Texas achievements for 1953-55
1955 October 26 to December 1 Alliance Director General Waltrip Report: the All Pan American Goodwill tour of South and Central America by 35 members of Pan American Round Tables
1956 May 7-8 (Board: Austin)

Elizabeth Davis, State Director: Board Meeting Schedule and Minutes by Mrs. Genevieve W. Cox, State Recording Secretary

1956 September (Alliance Convention)

Austin Table Report at Alliance Convention

1957 March 31 (Board: San Antonio) Elizabeth Davis, State Director: Board of Directors meeting: Agenda, Minutes, Audit report and Treasurer's Report
1957 April 1-3 (Section A) (Convention: San Antonio) (missing)

28th Annual Convention Program and Convention Minutes

1957 April 1-3 (Section B) (Convention: San Antonio)

Committee Reports including State Director Elizabeth Davis, First Associate Director, & Extention Work (56),Third Associate Director, Fourth Associate Director, as well as Publications Expenses (55-56), Report ( 55-57 ), Education Committee Survey Results and Summary Report, Resume of Table Reports, Hour of Memory, Historian, State Treasurer's Report (55-57), Treasurer's Review of Payment, Summary Report of San Antonio Convention

1957 April 1-3 (Section C) (Convention: San Antonio)

Revisions to Constitution

1957 April 1-3 (Section D) (Convention: San Antonio)

Table Reports: Austin

1957 April 1-3 (Section E) (Convention: San Antonio)

Report from Resolutions Committee and discussion regarding a Speaker's Bureau

Viva McComb (W P)
Director from 1957 to 1959
1958 January 19-21 (Board: Conroe)

Minutes of the State Board of Directors Meeting in Conroe, January 19-21, 1958; Reports from the State Director, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Historian; Publication; Education (Scholarship) Committee Report Including a Significant Survey of Tables' Scholarship Activities and Recommendations; and Archives Committees

1959 April 6-9 (Section A) (Convention: Brownsville) State Convention in Brownsville including Program, Minutes, reports from the State Director, Second Associate, Third Associate Director, Fourth Associate Director, Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Publication , Education , Historian, Archives; Revisions Committee; Courtesy Resolutions; Two Resolutions;
1959 April 6 (Section B) (Convention: Brownsville) State Convention in Brownsville, April 6-9, 1959 including reports from the Nominating Committee; Table reports from Alamo/San Juan, Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville I & II, Conroe, Corpus Christi, Corsicana, Dallas Table I, II and III, Fort Worth, Houston
1959 April 6 (Section C) (Convention: Brownsville) State Convention in Brownsville, April 6-9, 1959 including Table reports from Laredo, McAllen, Rio Grande City, San Benito, Waco, Eagle Pass (English and Spanish), McAllen (handwritten), Edinburg, Telegram from Houston

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