Original Documents Found in Archives
1969 to 1979

Nita Ott Harmon (Frank G)
Dallas Table
Director from 1969 to 1971
  Convention in Fort Worth
Emily Reigle (Harold E)
Fort Worth Table
Director from 1971 to 1973
  Convention in San Antonio
Louise Rosser Kemp (J Page)
El Paso Table
Director from 1973 to 1975
1975 (Austin) PARTT Convention in Austin: FTG Awards to Members from 1961 to 1975
Cleo Seelinger (Adoph Louis )
Austin Table
Director from 1975 to 1977
  Convention in Dallas
Linda Hillis (Hugh)
Beaumont Table
Director from 1977 to 1979
  Convention in San Antonio

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