Pan American Round Table of Conroe
2016 Photo Gallery
(in Reverse Chronological Order)

~~~~~December 2016 Meeting~~~~~

At the December meeting, we learned about Christmas celebrations
in the individual countries of the western hemisphere.

Member Barbara Landry shared a first hand experience from someone
she interviewed who is a native of Cuba.

Guest Kathy Williams informed us about her ancestors that had immigrated from eastern Europe to Honduras.

*****November 2016 Meeting*****

Director Becky Judah (top) and Jean Heasley (bottom) presented a program
on the thirty-fifth Alliance Convention held in San Antonio, October 26-29, 2016.


October 2016 Meeting

Jeanette Defee, Nancy Smith, and Jo Chesney (l-r) share a laugh when Jeanette drew her own name from the scholarship donation basket!

Paula Alexander (l) and Annette Ferrell (r) welcome new member Karen Baughman to the October meeting.

Barbara Landry (r) holds a short installation ceremony for Recording Secretary Mary Margaret Coyle (l) and Corresponding Secretary Riki Dewey (c).

The 2016-17 officers for the PART, Conroe are (l-r): Jo Chesney, Historian; Becky Judah, Director; Marcia Reagan, Custodian; Jean Heasley, Parliamentarian; Paula Alexander, Associate Director; Riki Dewey, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Margaret Coyle, Recording Secretary; and Woody Hearn, Treasurer.

September 2016 Meeting

Member Jeanette DeFee presented a brief biography of a prospective member
that we will meet in October.

At the September meeting, members were welcomed back to the Conroe PART,
and viewed their new 2016-17 yearbooks.

Then we joined together for a group photo!
Front row, left to right: Charlotte Field, Jeanette DeFee
Next row up: Marcia Reagan, Woody Hearn, Director Becky Judah, Cheryl Fullen
Third row up: Jo Chesney, Annette Ferrell, Paula Alexander, Nancy Smith, Barbara Landry
Top row: Jean Heasley, Paula Schoppe, Mary Lou Sartore, Cheryl Jett


May 2016 Meeting

Outgoing Director Nancy Smith (left) congratulates newly installed
Director Becky Judah at our May PART meeting.

April 2016 PART State Director and Alliance Director Visit

Conroe Director Nancy Smith (center) welcomes State Director Isabel Vezzetti (left)
and Director General Maria Eva M. de Manzarraga (right) to our April meeting.

The members present were left to right, each row: Bottom: Director General Maria Eva M. de Manzarraga, Director Nancy Smith, State Director Isabel Vezzetti, Jeanette Defee. Middle: Jean Heasley, Woody Hearn, Jo Chesney, Barbara Landry, Judy Robert, Cheryl Fullen, Marcia Reagan, Riki Dewey, Paula Schoppe. Top: Annette Ferrell, Cheryl Jett, Mary Margaret Coyle, Paula Alexander, Mary Lou Sartore, Millie Whaley

We were honored to have State Director Vezzetti present and explain a Power Point presentation
of the Rededication of the Pan-American Marker that occurred April 3, 2016 in Laredo, Texas.

March 2016 Meeting

Paula Schoppe presented the over 100 year history
and background of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B. C., Canada.

The members watched a colorful 15 minute audio-visual presentation of the Gardens.


February 2016 Meeting

John Hearn presented a very informative program on the background of the Star-Spangled Banner and how it was written, including a moving rendition of ALL of the verses written by Francis Scott Key. Then he told us about his experience on the USS Ponchatula and his involvement in the dismantling and memorializing the ship.

Guests present for our February meeting were (l-r): Annette Ferrell, John Hearn, Shirley Herring,
Marilyn Osborn, and Bettye Wakefield.