Pan American Round Table of Conroe
2017 Photo Gallery
(in Reverse Chronological Order)

December 2017 Table Meeting

Director Becky Judah and Corresponding Secretary Riki Dewey
visit before the December meeting starts

Members (l-r) Jeanette DeFee, Annette Ferrell, Nancy Smith, and Cheryl Fullen
look forward to our fun holiday activities after the luncheon.

Jean Heasley shares with the members the Hispanic version of "The Night Before Christmas".

November 15, 2017 Table Meeting

Member Jeanette DeFee was honored on the occasion of her 99th birthday with a card
from the membership and a very special poem read to her by (r) Woody Hearn

Our program was "Visiting the Republics of our Pan American Alliance", in which members gave a short presentation on what and where to visit in their particular country.
Members in this photo (l-r) are Jo Chesney, Cheryl Jett, and Paula Schoppe.

Jo, Cheryl, and Riki Dewey (l-r) presented some interesting places that made us all want to visit their country!


October 10, 2017 Table Meeting and State Director's Visit

Ann Beitel, PARTT Corresponding Secretary; Dee Moore, PARTT Director;
were greeted at our October meeting by Nancy Smith (front); and Paula Alexander (far right).

Ann and Dee greeted all of our members, including Mary Margaret Coyle (right)
and Jeanette DeFee (seated).

Mary Margaret Coyle, dressed as Florence Terry Griswold,
gave a wonderful biography of her life for Founders Day.

The Conroe Table posed for a portrait with our two PARTT visitors.
Bottom row, left to right are: from PARTT Ann Beitel, Dee Moore; Mary Margaret Coyle, and Jeanette DeFee. Middle row, left to right are: Woody Hearn, Annette Ferrell, Marcia Reagan, Director Becky Judah, Jean Heasley, Ruth Strozier, Barbara Landry, and Riki Dewey.
Top row, left to right are: Cheryl Jett, Karen Baughman, Paula Alexander, Nancy Smith, Lynn Wood (guest), and Paula Schoppe.


September 17, 2017 Meeting

The members of the Conroe Pan American Round Table met for their first meeting on
September 12, 2017. Members present were (seated) Jeanette DeFee,
(first row, l-r) Marcia Reagan, Director Becky Judah, Cheryl Jett, Jean Heasley, Riki Dewey,
Woody Hearn, Nancy Smith, (back row, l-r) Paula Schoppe, Paula Alexander,
Karen Baughman, Jo Chesney, and Mary Margaret Coyle.

The flags and countries of the Alliance were on the welcoming table
to our first meeting of the 2017-18 year.

At roll call, member Barbara Landry told the Table about the latest current events from Mexico
related to their recent earthquake. From left to right, listening to her presentation are Jeanette DeFee,
Jo Chesney, and Paula Alexander.

Members (l-r) Jean Heasley and Marcia Reagan reviewed the Constitution and By-Laws
during the "meet your committee" time at the first meeting.


May 9, 2017 Meeting

Marcia Reagan (l-r) and Cheryl Fullen visited before the meeting.

Director Becky Judah shared photos and highlights
of the PARTT convention in Houston.

The program was the recommitment of the officers for the 2017-2018 year.
Pictured here (l-r) are Paula Schoppe, Marcia Reagan, Jo Chesney, Jean Heasley,
Woody Hearn, Riki Dewey, Paula Alexander, and Director Becky Judah.

April 11, 2017 Meeting

Each member of the Conroe Table celebrated Pan American Day by giving an individual tribute
to each country's flag and its symbolism

March 14, 2017 Meeting

Members (l-r) Riki Dewey, Marcia Reagan, Karen Baughman, Mary Margaret Coyle,
and Annette Ferrell visit before the March meeting.

Nancy Smith, (l-r) Mary M. Coyle, Karen Baughman, Marcia Reagan, Woody Hearn, Mary Lou Sartore, and Jean Heasley presented a brief history of their South American countries, from past to present.

February 14, 2017 Meeting

Director Becky Judah encourages the members to attend the state PART convention
in Houston, April 20-23, 2017.

The Conroe Table listens attentively to Rev. Emigdio Rosales, a local pastor.

Rev. Emigdio Rosales told us his story of immigrating to Texas from Cuba several years ago.
He still has family in Cuba and related to us his recent visit back to his home country.

January 8, 2017 Meeting with Scholarship Presentation

At the January meeting during roll call, member Jean Heasley
informed us of a current event in Brazil.

For the program, members gave an informative program on their Central American countries, from past to present. Left to right are Paula Alexander--Guatemala, Cheryl Jett--Costa Rica, and Director Becky Judah--El Salvador.