Pan American Round Table of Conroe
2018 Photo Gallery
(in Reverse Chronological Order)

December 2018 Holiday Program

Our Table welcomed guest Joann Rhorer (right),
invited by member Lynn Wood (left), to the December meeting.

We played a "right-left" game as explained by (left to right), Director Paula Alexander to members
Jeanette DeFee, Cheryl Fullen, and Woody Hearn. The entire Table really enjoyed this activity.

Members present for our December Table meeting were (l-r) on the bottom row; Becky Judah,
Jewel Manders, Director Paula Alexander, Jeanette DeFee; middle row Jean Heasley, Cheryl Jett,
Riki Dewey, Marcia Reagan, Annette Ferrell, Lynn Wood, Cheryl Fullen, Marilyn Summers,
Woody Hearn; top row, Paula Schoppe, Mary Margaret Coyle, Karen Baughman,
Mary Lou Sartore, Jo Chesney, and guest Joann Rhorer.


November 2018 Program and Celebration of Jeanette DeFee 100th Birthday!

Woody Hearn (r), welcomes member Jeanette DeFee by helping her with her coat when she arrived.

The members greeted Jeanette on the occasion of her 100th birthday! Members (l-r) in the front are Riki Dewey, Annette Ferrell, Karen Baughman, Director Paula Alexander. In the back, (l-r) are Paula Schoppe, Mary Margaret Coyle, Woody Hearn, Jean Heasley, Mary Lou Sartore, and Jewel Manders. Seated is Jeanette DeFee.

Director Paula Alexander (standing) presented a bouquet of roses to Jeanette.

Member Mary Lou Sartore (seated in foreground) presented an interesting program "Adventures Abroad in the Western Hemisphere". Seated are (l-r) Riki Dewey, Annette Ferrell, and Marcia Reagan.


***October 2018 Meeting***

We were honored to have in attendance at our October meeting, Ann Beitel, PARTT Corresponding Secretary, Conroe Table Director Paula Alexander, and Dee Moore PARTT Director.

With research done by member Jeanette Defee, our program was
Confederate Immigration to Mexico and Brazil.

The first part of the program was presented by Riki Dewey for Jeanette, who could not attend the meeting.

The conclusion of the informative program was presented by Jewel Manders.


September 2018 Meeting

Members present for the September meeting on the back row were (l-r): Director Paula Alexander, Lynn Wood, Mary Margaret Coyle, Jewel Manders, and Cheryl Jett. Front row (l-r): Paula Schoppe, Karen Baughman, Annette Ferrell, Riki Dewey, Woody Hearn, Marcia Reagan, Becky Judah, and Jo Chesney.

Cheryl Jett, right, brought a visitor, Marilyn Sommers, to our September meeting.

May 8, 2018 Installation of Officers

New Officers installed for the 2018-2019 year are:
Front row: Jean Heasley, Parliamentarian; Karen Baughman, Historian; Annette Ferrell, Custodian; Paula Schoppe, Electronic Communications. Back row: Paula Alexander, Director; Riki Dewey, Associate Director; Mary Margaret Coyle, Recording Secretary; Lynn Wood, Corresponding Secretary; Woody Hearn, Treasurer.

April 10, 2018 Pan American Day Celebration

Our Conroe Table was honored to have special guests for Pan American Day: Gloria Munguia,
Area A Director and Sylvia Williams, Alliance Associate Director.

Table members and honored guests in attendance were:
(bottom row l-r) Barbara Landry, special guests Gloria Mungia and Sylvia Williams, Jeanette DeFee.
(second row, l-r) Victoria Schrock, Woody Hearn, Becky Judah, Paula Alexander, Nancy Smith.
(third row, l-r) Paula Schoppe, Cheryl Jett, Cheryl Fullen, Riki Dewey, Annette Ferrell, guest Sandy Lacey.
(top row l-r) Mary Margaret Coyle, Jean Heasley, Lynn Wood, and Jewel Manders.

March 13, 2018 Meeting

Jean Heasley (left) holds the Western Hemisphere map as one of our newest members,
Victoria Schrock, highlights some areas of interest to visit in Mexico.

Jewel Manders, another new member, showed us the flag of Panama
and related some areas to visit in her country.

******February 13, 2018 Meeting******

Mr. Tim Cox shared the experiences of his trip to Belize, serving with Benevolent Missions International. Along with eye physicians, they try to meet the needs of the people who are experiencing difficulty with sight.

Director Becky Judah shared her photos and memories of the trip with the group, also.

Treasurer Woody Hearn shows her pleasure at winning the gift bag given for the scholarship drawing.

***January 9, 2018 Meeting***

In January, 2018, we "visited" countries of the Alliance, highlighting popular locations
for tourists in each place.

Members giving presentations were (l-r) Guatemala, Riki Dewey; El Salvador, Director Becky Judah; Haiti, Karen Baughman; Cuba, Barbara Landry; Ecuador, Paula Schoppe; Dominican Republic and Honduras, Annette Ferrell. (Paula Schoppe also reported Guyana for Marcia Reagan.)