Pan American Round Table of Conroe
2020 Photo Gallery
(in Reverse Chronological Order)

December 2020

The members enjoyed a Christmas activity at the December meeting. Seated are (l-r) Mary Margaret Coyle,
Cheryl Jett. The second row are Annette Ferrell, Riki Dewey, Janet Emmons, Becky Judah, Jewel Manders.
The third row are Woody Hearn, Karen Baughman, Jean Heasley, Mary Lou Sartore, a guest,
Gloria Riddle, and Jo Chesney.

November 2020

Our November program was presented by Eduardo Riddle, husband of member Gloria Riddle.

Eduardo Riddle did an informative visual presentation of his experiences hiking in Peru.


October 2020

Jean Heasley gave an interesting presentation for Founder’s Day, in October. We were given a short “quiz” on what we knew about the beginnings our our Table, and then Jean helped us “fill in the blank” to enhance our knowledge about our history.

September 2020

Installation of officers was held at the September meeting. Left to right are Woody Hearn, Becky Judah, Jean Heasley, Mary Lou Sartore, Marilyn Sommers, (front) Jo Chesney, Director Janet Emmons, Cheryl Jett, and Paula Schoppe.

September 2020

Our program was once again sharing five facts about your country. Becky Judah showed with us a collage
of photos from her trip to Peru with fellow member Jean Heasley.

March 2020

Gloria Riddle presented a fun quiz pertaining to her country, the Dominican Republic.

Woody Hearn gave her informative presentation on Trinidad and Tobago.


February 2020

Our program was for members to give 5 interesting facts about their country. Members with countries
from Cuba to Honduras presented some interesting facts about their republic. Here Jewel Manders is
illustrating information Ecuador, with (l-r) Cheryl Jett, Marilyn Sommers, and Marcia Reagan listening.

Mary Lou Sartore provided photos (from her travels) with her presentation on Grenada.
Listening in the background (l-r) are Marcia Reagan, Cheryl Fullen, Annette Ferrell, and Karen Baughman.

January 2020

For our January 2020 meeting, the members themselves presented five interesting facts
about each of their countries, starting with Argentina and ending with Costa Rica. We learned a lot!

Director Paula Alexander shared with us what she learned about Belize.
Listening next to her is Becky Judah.

Then, Riki Dewey listened as Cheryl Jett informed us of what
she discovered about her two countries, Chile and Costa Rica.

The last presenter at our meeting, Jean Heasley, also shared with us the correct way to pronounce Colombia, in addition to her information. Director Paula Alexander is enjoying her presentation.