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The links in the following table connect to 2011 PART of Texas Convention photos, which were contributed by Pan American members for viewing on this website
Thursday Board of Directors Dinner
Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday General Business Meeting - Reports "All Things Citrus" Luncheon Honoring Past State Directors Reception Honoring Elsie Perez Evening Gala - "A Magical Night"
Sunday Hour of Memory General Business Meeting - Election of Officers Closing Luncheon

PART of Texas Convention - Board of Directors' Dinner

Susan Matthews, Ana Maria Acuña de Macedo and Geri Rice

Sylvia Williams

Carmen Guerra, Elsie Perez and Martha Stumbo

Elsie Perez, Sarilee Furguson and Dee Moore

Geri Rice, Susan Matthews, PeeWee Guerra and Margo Arevalo-Gonzalez

Isabel Vezzetti, Martha Stumbo, Gloria Zuniga and Mary Ann Palka

Mary Lou Trevino, Ina Pool, Lily Torres, Lana Harper, Maria Enriqueta Yzaguirre and Margo Arevalo-Gonzalez

Maria Enriqueta Yzaguirre, Margo Arevalo-Gonzalez, PeeWee Guerra and Lydia Chavana

Sarilee Furguson and Ana Maria Acuña de Macedo

Sadie Valverde, BB Crane and Gloria Zuniga

Gloria Zuniga and Maria Enriqueta Yzaguirre

Sarah Jane Wise, BJ Kershaw, Frances Metcalf and Peggy Clark

Gloria Riddle, Ana Maria Acuña de Macedo and Maria Luisa Duffield

BB Crane and Charlene Hertz

Ann Beitel and Dee Moore

Carmen Guerra and Maria Luisa Duffield

Margie Rodgers, Isabel Vezzetti and Ana Flores

Jessica Farrell, Bertha Martinez, and Estella Villegas

Susan Matthews, Dee Moore and Ann Beitel

Peggy Clark, Sylvia Williams and BJ Kershaw

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