Pan American Round Tables of Texas

Board Meeting and State Convention

Houston, Texas

April 21-23 2017

State Director Isabel Vezzetti

Photo Gallery and Agendas
Board Dinner - April 20
General Session I Agenda - April 22 - Photos
General Session II Agenda- April 23
Hour of Memory - April 23
Installation of Officers April 23
Board and Convention Reports
Board Meeting - Reports - April 21
Convention Reports - April 22
State Director Isabel Vezzetti
State Director - two year summary
1st Associate Director, Area B, Dee Moore
Revisions -Final
2nd Associate Director, Area C, Beatrice "Dolley" Flores
Resolutions - Final
3rd Associate Director, Area A, Susan Huston
4th Associate Director, Area D, Kathy Ehmann-Clardy
Table Reports with Photos - April 22
Recording Secretary, Yolanda Villarreal
Corresponding Secretary, Maria Enriqueta Yzaguirre
Treasurer, Margot Arevalo Gonzalez
Historian, Alicia Cantu
Parlimentarian, Normalinda Castellano
Committee Reports
Scholarship, Herminia Martinez
Archives, Laura Uzdavines
Resolutions, Lisa Romero
Revisions, Normalinda Castellano (final at convention)
Publications, Ana P. Flores
Nominating, Sara Jane Wise
AD-HOC Committee Reports
PARTT Book Sales, Ruth Kulessa
Historial Documentary, Janet Roberts
Historical Book, Janet Roberts
Membership, Carmen R. Guerra
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