Brief History of the Pan American
Round Table Organizations

HISTORY: The first Pan American Round Table (PART) was organized by Mrs. Florence Terry Griswold in San Antonio on October 16, 1916. It was modeled closely after the organization of the Pan American Union (now an entity within the Organization of American States) - a medieval round table - a circle, no beginning and no ending, - symbolizing unity, perpetuity, equal representation and opportunity - and choosing the immortal expression of Alexander Dumas: "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE"

PURPOSE: The PART is not an ordinary women's club, not an institution nor a system. It does not affiliate and is not to be referred to as a "club". It has no fund raising affairs, solicits no outside contributions. It operates on dues collected from - and the generosity of - all its members. It is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-federated, and is designed to interpret itself in acts tending to draw more closely the social and cultural bonds of the Americas. The whole purpose of the PART is to acquaint the members with the language, geography, history, literature, arts, culture and customs of the republics of the Western Hemisphere, for through knowledge, understanding is gained - and understanding leads to friendship.

OUR LEGACY: Our "Legacy" was written by a faithful member closely associated with the Founder, on the occasion of a commemorative program following Mrs. Griswold's death. (Gladys Noble, PART of San Antonio.)

"I, Florence Terry Grisword, mindful that the day will come when I can no longer lead you along the path that we have chosen, do hereby give, devise and bequeath to you, members of the Pan American Round Tables, all my faith in the righteousness of our cause, all of my hope in the ultimate realizations of our ideals, my love and devotion to the work, my courage in the face of disappointments, my vigilance and alertness to changing conditions, my steadfastness in my duty to my fellow man, my confidence in the cooperation of all peoples of the Western Hemisphere in our effort to bring about that perfect understanding and good will among the American Nations that will present to the World a united front under the unconquerable banner of a living Pan Americanism. Because of the great love and affection I bear you, all this I leave unto you and through you to all the women of the Americas."

THE TEXAS STATE ORGANIZATION: As of January, 2016, there are 20 chartered Tables in the State of Texas. Each Table is assigned to one of four geographical areas, and the four elected Associate State Directors representing these areas form an Extension Committee that functions between Conventions. The four areas are as follows:

Alamo/San Juan/Pharr
Dallas III
Corpus Christi
Brownsville I
El Paso-Juarez
Del Rio
Brownsville II
Fort Worth I
Eagle Pass
San Antonio
Rio Grande City/Roma
San Benito


Within the continental United States there are also Tables belonging to the Alliance in the following states:

THE ALLIANCE: For many years, Florence Terry Griswold had envisioned the PAN AMERICAN ROUND TABLES of the Americas "united in a close and everlasting friendship, which would have a dynamic force to strengthen a union of thought and action to create true Pan Americanism". This vision became a reality in 1944, just three years after her death.

The first international convention of the ALLIANCE of PAN AMERICAN ROUND TABLES took place in Mexico City in October 1944. Mrs. Stone J. Robinson of Dallas presided. There have been 25 international conventions since that date.

The purpose of the ALLIANCE is to coordinate the efforts of the PART in promoting knowledge, understanding and friendship among the women of the Americas.

The ALLIANCE has for its membership all of the PART of the Western Hemisphere. For administrative purposes, the hemisphere is divided into 7 Zones:

There are 176 Tables throughout the Western Hemisphere, representing 18 countries.

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