Original Documents Found in Archives
1959 to 1969

Gladys Hawkins (W W)
El Paso Table
Director from 1959 to 1961

1960 February 1

Brownsville and Austin Table Report, February 1, 1960; Austin Table Report for 1960 to 1962 to the Alliance

1961 March 31

House Bill 344: To Incorporate the Pan American Round Tables of the United States

1961 April 4 (Corpus Christi Convention)

Pre-Convention corresponsdence; Board Meeting, April 4, 1961 Minutes, ; State Convention April 5-6, 1961: reports
The Florence Terry Griswold Award of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas; 1959-1961 Table Reports

Eura Wylie (Arlon J)
Forth Worth Table
Director from 1961 to 1963

1962 January 1 to 11

Austin Table Biennial Report for the Alliance for 1960-62;
PART Board Meeting Report on Revisions to State Constitiution January 11-12, 1962;Spears letter to Wylie on Nominating Committee 1/31/1962

1963 March 5 (Houston Convention)

Installation of Officers Ceremony for the State Pan American Round Table - Protocol; Austin Table Biennial Report for the State Convention 1961-62
Cloma Hanson Trotter (Clyde P)
Laredo Table
Director from 1963 to 1965

1965 April (El Paso Convention)

Austin Table 1963-65 Biennial Report for the State Convention
Betty Brown (Hart)
Houston Table
Director from 1965 to 1967

1966 January 1 to April

A Biography of Mrs. Florence Terry Griswold; To the Memory of Florence Terry Griswold by Rosa Restrepo de Martinez; Homage to Florence Terry Griswold by Mrs. Claude R. Noble, San Antonio PART; Other versions of the Foundations of Tables; Austin Report for 1964-66

1967 April 2 (Dallas Convention)

Thirty-third State Convention, April 2, 1967, Dallas Texas
Eleanor R Fernandez (A M)
Brownsville Table
Director from 1967 to 1969
Convention in McAllen

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