Installation of the Officers of PART-Corpus Christi for 1997-1999

By Peggy Lasater Clark, State Director for 1997-1999

Town Club of Corpus Christi

May 20, 1997

Ever since Geri asked me to install the new officers for PART in Corpus Christi I have thought and stewed about this. Your new director and I are tennis players. I tried and tried to think of a way to bring the language of tennis into this, but alas my mind went blank.

Then, driving along the bay front one day, I asked myself what makes Corpus Christi special, a treasure. I decided that it was the horizons seen over the water and over the land. We are blessed with a group of women who have talents and eyes to see to the horizon and to lead us forward into our future.

It is an honor for me to install the new board for 1997-1999.

I will give each of you a box that is filled with some select items for your leadership. Please do not open your box until all of you are here.

I am going to begin in reverse order with:

Parliamentarian Geri Rice: Your box is symbolically filled with wisdom and experience and the generosity necessary to share her talents and experiences with the new Board. Serving as parliamentarian, you will dispense your knowledge of parliamentary law to all equally, and your gift of justice will benefit all the women in this organization.

Scholarship Chairman Lucy Hill: Your box is filled with the responsibility to strengthen this Table's relationships with the area universities and colleges in order to seek out the best candidates for our scholarships. It is through our scholarships that we further the friendship and understanding that our founder Florence Terry Griswold envisioned.

Treasurer Jessica Farrell: Your box contains prosperity, a great amount of trust, and a large amount of mathematical ability. You are the caretaker of all the assets of the Table and are the financial guardian of our future.

Corresponding Secretary Susan Dahlman: Your box is filled with patience and graciousness as you read and write the letters received and sent by our Director. Your knowledge of both English and Spanish will serve you well. You will be able to share this Table's ideas with all the Tables in Texas and the Alliance.

Recording Secretary Kathy Hooper: Your box is filled with accuracy, truth, dependability and efficiency. Good memory and good hearing are important too.

Fourth Associate Director, Publicity, Marie Adams: Your box contains the gifts of generosity of time, creativity and sharing as she records our Table's activities in the scrapbook and in the State and Alliance publications.

Third Associate Director, Hospitality, Rhonda Bosquez: Your box is symbolically filled with smiles, patience, creativity as she organizes the hostess duties of the Table and plans our parties.

Second Associate Director, Membership, Mary Campbell: Your box contains the tools she will need to introduce us to women who are young and interested in fostering knowledge and friendship among the women of the Western Hemisphere.

First Associate Director, Education, Kathy Lorenz: Your box is symbolically filled with exciting programs and new meeting formats for this Table. Flexibility and dependability will be needed when she has to fill in for our Director or improvise when a program falls through

Ladies, you may open your boxes. What you will find are a gift from the sea to remind you of new horizons each day and post-it notes to remind you of your jobs and a flashlight to light the way.

Now, our Director Marjorie Mueck who will be our fearless leader for the next two years. You lead by example, by enthusiasm for your work, by executive ability, by your willingness to try new things. In your box, in addition to the things that your board received, you have two items which will be helpful tools. You have magnets which symbolize your magnetism in keeping the members together and in making this Table so exciting that other women are attracted to it and will want to join. This is a microscope to closely examine the way we do things. Used this way it is a telescope to help you see the horizon and the way we must go in order to continue to be a vibrant Table.

Marjorie, here is your Board and your Table. Congratulations!

One for All and All for One.

Una para Todas y Todas para Una.

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