May 9, 1984, by Dee Cole of PART III of Dallas and Interchange Library Chairman of the Texas PART THEME: CARRYING FRIENDSHIP THROUGH THE AMERICAS J. Giles: Decorations: Baskets with Hot Air Balloons and Ribbons

Good morning, members and friends of Pan American Round Table I of Ft. Worth. Thank you for allowing me to share with you and participate in this ritual of the installation of your new Board of Directors.

Rituals are an important part of our lives, just the same as symbols have important hidden significance for us. For instance, spring flowers are symbols of the renewal and abundance of life after the long winter's sleep.

Colors are also symbols, each color and nuance representing interior and exterior facets of our being and our environments.

The wonderful hot air balloons are symbols, too. They are the actualization of travel, adventure, excitement of the unknown and, especially, dreams. Who has not dreamed of floating away to some magical kingdom and seeing, far below, rivers sparkling in the sunshine, or wild zebras playing on the veldt or llamas and alpacas in the Andes?

Today we are seeing some friends off on a journey through the Americas. They travel in these Hot Air Balloons and each carries with her rare gifts: Hope, Peace, Understanding and Friendship. These gifts they will give to others and on their return, they will have enriched their own lives as well as the life of each one of us, ............... (Call each officer by name to come stand in front of the room, The balloons are on the head table with each officer's name written in large letters.) Start with the last officer and call the new Director last. ...............

Helen Morris, as Immediate Past Director, your balloon carries the color of Lilac. Lilac is a spiritual color, softened by experience and strengthened by knowledge. It is a symbol of peace and tranquility; a reward that you have done your job well and that, now, you will share that experience with the new members of the Board of Directors. As gifts, you carry with you many elements, the fragrance of fresh spring lilacs, grace and the greatest gift of all, WISDOM.

Delores Quiroz, as Member-at-Large, your balloon flies the color of Turquoise. It is as solid as the rock from which it was cleft. It is a mineral containing many elements, just as your responsibilities will be comprised of different elements. American Indians wear turquoise as healing amulets, as you will attempt to soothe and consolidate different factions. They paint the windows of their houses turquoise, as you will seek to protect the viewpoints of your members. The gift you carry with you is HARMONY.

Ruth Kelley, as Parliamentarian, your balloon hangs bravely with ribbons of Red. Red as it represents a judge's robe. Red as a powerful instrument of the law to see that the will of the people is upheld in a constitutional manner. Your responsibility is to be knowledgeable in your duty, to be wise in its application and to administer the rules with personal impartiality. Red is the symbol of strength, the banner of courage, unwavering in adversity. The gifts you carry with you to spread among this hemisphere are Freedom from Prejudice, and the Conviction to uphold those principles, upon which the Panamerican Round Tables were formed, those same principles, which have served us justly. You carry with you the Instrument for Hope and Peace among nations.

Magdalena Bramanti, as Custodian, your balloon shines with colors of the rainbow, a multitude of hues blending into one. These colors represent the flags of the countries of the Americas, which you will guard with honor and respect. For the flag is a symbol of Unity, you are the caretaker, the guardian of many nations’ struggles and hopes. Your gift to the Americas and to your Table is UNITY.

Madonna Willkie, as Historian, your balloon has ribbons shining yellow, bright as sunshine, spreading happy rays of enlightenment over all countries. You are the guardian of the Past, the priceless record of humanity's lessons and achievements. Yellow is the color of the Intellect. With the gift of Intelligence, we have the opportunity to benefit from our mistakes and failures, which History slowly reveals. The gift you take with you on this flight should be spread fully and well, for your gift is UNDERSTANDING.

Fontaine Hester, as Treasurer, your balloon is adorned with green ribbons, surely God's favorite color. It represents Nature's bounty and the promise of a harvest. As green is the color of currency, so is currency also a symbol of the barter system or an exchange of goods or services. Your responsibility is to be the caretaker of gifts received and given by this Table. You carry with you the gifts of DILIGENCE, HONESTY AND CHARITY.

Ruth Smith, as Corresponding Secretary, your balloon waves happy pink ribbons. Pink is the symbol of affection, of giving of yourself and of sharing, The strength of red blended by the purity of white, pink is understanding, forgiving and stretching. Your responsibility it great for you represent the sentiments of your Table in all written words. You spread good cheer, official news, and good and bad tidings. You represent North America and your Table and yourself to other people and countries, so they might understand us better. You carry with you to distant lands the important message of FRIENDSHIP.

Eathul Kelly, as Recording Secretary, your beribboned balloon is a bright orange. As the orange of an early morning sun, you spread illumination and accuracy. As the orange of a harvest moon you spread the light of truth in records well kept. Blending the colors of red and yellow you represent the melding of character and intelligence. As colors change with the seasons, so the cycles of life change. The records you keep today will pass on the Historian for posterity. The gift you take with you is important in ever-shifting times, for your gift is CONTINUITY.

Imogene McCaskey, as Associate Director your balloon has blue ribbons. Blue, a color representing many things, as your responsibilities will be many. True blue, representing loyalty, compassion, purity, honesty and understanding. It is the ability to stand fast in your ideals. Blue the color of the sky far above us. For if we can see distance ourselves far enough, we can see cities instead of neighborhoods, and we can see states instead of cities and we can see nations instead of states. We can see the world in its wholeness as we glide high above in these balloons, thereby gaining in comprehension and understanding the differences that comprise this world of ours. With this heritage, you will serve your Director and your Table well, for the valuable gifts you take with you are FIDELITY, WILLINGNESS TO SERVE, AND IDEALS.

Jan Giles, as Director of Table I of Ft. Worth, your balloon flies as a banner the magnificent color purple, the color of Kings and Queens and leaders. Blending blue and red, purple represents a passionate belief in ideals and the courage necessary to follow them. Paradoxically, it also represents humility, for to be a leader, one must first learn to follow. A willingness to serve others and to represent them accurately. It is strength tempered by justice, justice tempered by compassion and compassion tempered by understanding. It is the acceptance of sorrow and joy and the ability to-share these major facets of our lives. It is the quietness to listen: the stillness to hear: and the unprejudiced receptivity to change ones mind. Your gifts to carry on this long journey are both Teaching and Learning, both Leading and Following. For it is you who will carry the beacon of light to show the way. It is you who will carry a heritage of beliefs in Panamericanism to spread friendship, knowledge and understanding to all the Americas.

May all of you have a wonderful, rewarding and joyous journey. Vayan con Dios.

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