Rio Grande City/Roma PART Installation

Call the New Officers:

Director: Josephine Wlliams, PURPLE
Associate Director: Ramoncita Guerra, LAVENDER
Recording Secretary: Virginia L. Gonzalez, RED
Corresponding Secretary: Celia R. Saenz , WHITE
Treasurer: Yolanda S. Gonzalez, GREEN
Historian: Lydia G. Saenz, ORANGE
Custodian: Alma (Mita) Gonzalez, YELLOW
Parliamentarian: Elda G. Perez, BLUE

I bring you greetings from the State Director Imogene Mecaskey who, along with myself, congratulate all of you for being elected by the members of the Rio Grande City/Roma Pan American Round Table to serve for the next year (or two years). It is not only an honor, is a privilege to serve - for service brings its own reward in the pleasure derived from helping others.

You are not really New Officers, you are only new to these offices. You all have past experiences in this organization. Your election has come as an honor, an "Award of Merit".

Many candles are pleasantly scented with sweet fragrances and we enjoy a fresh, pleasant scent all around us. The membership will represent the fragrance of our candles. Dora please light the big candle. This candle will represent all the tables to be installed during my tenure. It will become a traveling candle to unite "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE" "UNA PARA TODAS Y TODAS PARA UNA."

In today's candles you will find many colors. The Historian will represent color. Without someone to gather, assemble, and display the accomplishments and memorable events of your organization, it would be colorless and go unnoticed. Lydia, please accept this bright ORANGE candle.

In order to make a candle, you begin with a mold. This will ensure that the candle will be shaped correctly and stand straight and strong. The Corresponding Secretary molds the organization as she sends out notices of all special meetings and conducts correspondence and yearbooks of the organization. Celia, please accept this WHITE colored candle.

Without a holder or container, the candle should never be lit. The Parliamentarian will represent the holder. The Parliamentarian holds the meetings together so that they are orderly and flowing in a correct manner. Elda, please accept this BLUE candle.

Candles come in many sizes. The Treasurer will represent size as she maintains the financial size of the Organization and reports monthly on the size of the bank account. Without accurate accounting of funds, the Organization will remain small and have no "size". Yolanda, please accept this GREEN candle.

The Recording Secretary is as the paraffin. The paraffin is the substance of the candle just as the Recording secretary is the substance of the organization. She must keep a complete record of the proceedings, maintain a correct roster of membership, and hold reference material for any member who needs them. Virginia, please accept this RED candle.

Candles also come in many shapes. The Custodian will represent the shape and shall have the care of the flags and other properties of the table regardless of shape. It shall be her duty to present them when called upon. Alma, please accept this YELLOW candle.

The Associate Director will represent the wick of the candle. She is the Director’s aide, carries out duties assigned to her and acts as the presiding officer when necessary. The wick of the candle must be lit to produce a flame. Ramoncita, please accept this LAVENDER candle.

Without the wick, paraffin and mold there could be no candle. Without the size and shape, color and fragrance, the candle would not be admired. And without the candle there would be no flame.

The Director represents the flame. The flame must have not only the makings of the candle, but also the members to light the flame so that she may burn brightly as she leads the organization through a successful year. With the assistance of all members, her glow can be seen and felt by the organization and the community. Josephine, please accept this purple candle remembering that purple has long been associated with leadership and ability.

Officers, do you accept the duties assigned to your office? If so please say "I do". Now repeat after me The Pan American Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Pan American movement
and shall endeavor to work with all my power and
to the best of my ability to fulfill its objectives:
Knowledge, Understanding and Friendship
until we are "One for All and All for One"

Members you have acknowledged these Officers as your leaders for the elected term of office and I ask that you give them your full support and cooperation in the projects and activities of this organization. If so members please say "I do".

Madam Director and Officers you are now installed to lead the Rio Grande City/Roma Pan American Round Table for the year 1999-2000 term into the new millennium

Linda Economedes,
First Associate Director State of Texas, May 12,1999.

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