Installation or Officers with Colored Candles

Mrs.Leonard Giesler (Mary) Corsicana Table

Dallas - 1977

We would like to thank the retiring Officers for their untiring efforts in making these past two years such a pleasant and rewarding experience.

You will remember when Cleo was installed as Director she emphasized we were a friendship organization and solicited our help in carrying on the great traditions of the PART's of Texas.

She has been an exemplary leader and an inspiration to all.

In the past few Days you have heard of the many achievements of the other retiring officers and committee members.

All of you have contributed to the outstanding record of this administration, and we give you our heartfelt thanks for a job well done. Each of you who have served in a State office have had such an abiding interest in furthering the aims and ideals of this organization that you will actually miss the responsibility and pleasure of serving - yes - and even the work involved.

We know you will give the benefit of your experience to your successors.


And now, it is my privilege to install the new Officers.

Parliamentarian Mrs Sam Thompson, Dallas II
lect Mrs. M. T. Marietta (Jean), Dallas

It shall be your duty to see that the proceedings of all State meetings are conducted according to the constitution and by-laws and Robert's Rules of Order, Revised Version.

You shall serve as chairman of the revisions committee and shall furnish each officer, the chairman of each Standing Committee and each Director of member Tables with a correct copy of the Constitution and By-laws of the State Organization.

The dark blue candle in brass symbolizes the blue and gold colors found in the seal of the PART's and emblematic of the laws, which govern this body.

May you accept with pride the honor bestowed upon you in this office as guardian of such.


Historian Mrs. Charles C. Spence, El Paso
Elect Mrs. A. F. Pena (Dolly), Laredo

It shall be your duty to keep a record of the activities of the Tables of the State.

A record of these activities, including publicity and yearbooks of the respective Tables shall be on display at the Convention.

Lavender has come to be associated with old age.

The history of the Past is a joy to the Present and gives hope to the Future.

May you relish your task of collecting and preserving Today’s history, so that Tomorrow's Tables may benefit by their Organization’s Past.


Treasurer Mrs. Don R. Curl Edinburgh
Elect, Mrs. A. M. Longoria (Pam), McAllen

It shal1 be your duty to receive all monies paid by the Pan American Round Tables of Texas such as State dues, contributions to the Griswold Scholarship Fund and fees for publications of the. State. You shall disburse such funds upon the authority of the State Director.

Checks issued by you, as Treasurer, must be counter-signed by the Director or Corresponding Secretary. You shall be bonded. Your books and records shall be audited by a certified public accountant one week prior to the date of the Convention.

Your candle is White, the color of purity.

May the science of pure mathematics come to your aid in keeping exact and precise accounting of all monies entrusted to your office.

Congratulations !

Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Milton Overstreet (Betty), Austin
Elect – Mrs. G. Landegren, Beaumont

It shall be your duty to conduct and file the general correspondence of the State as assigned by the Director. In cases of incapacity of the State Director, you may also cosign checks.

Yellow is the color that psychologists say stimulates the intellect.

May you be so stimulated in your correspondence that it stands as a dignified and cultured ambassador of our organization.


Recording Secretary Mrs. Gustavo Pena, Brownsville
Elect, Mrs. Jack Tarver (Frances), Waco

It shall be your duty to keep a correct roster of member Tables and to record the minutes of all meetings and reports pertaining thereto.

Within one month of the expiration of your term of office you must turn over to your successor complete records of the office and you shall send copies of the minutes of the convention to all officers of the State Chairman of Standing Committees, all member Tables, and the Director of the Alliance.

(Light) Blue is a word so closely associated with true that is hard to say it w1thout; prefacing it with True.

May your recordings be a true and accurate account of the business transactions of this body.


(Install the four Associate Directors at the same time)

4th Associate Director Mrs. Watt Murrah, Del Rio
Elect - Mrs. Ralph Sanders, El Paso

3rd Associate Director Mrs. Lynn Eastham, Beaumont
Elect: Mrs. Clifton H. Delk, Houston

2nd Associate Director Mrs. Robert A. Dooley, Dallas
Elect: Mrs. Fred Beasley, San Antonio

Ist Associate Director Mrs. Ezra Dodson, San Benito
Elect: Mrs. Gustavo Pena, Brownsville

Four Associate Directors

The four Associate Directors shall constitute an Extension Committee with the First Associate Director as Chairman.

Each of you shall be in charge of information and publicity in your respective areas.

It shall also be your duty to visit all Tables in your area at least once during your term of office.

The candles for the 4 Associate Directors are red, the color associated with bravery and courage. The same color is used to symbolize unity of effort.

4th Associate Mrs. Ralph Sanders (Pauline)
May you go forward in founding many new Tables in your area.

3rd Associate Mrs. H. Clifton Delk (Erma)
May your efforts be rewarded with success in extending the P.A.R.T. Movement.

2ne Associate Mrs. Fred Beasley (Mildred)
May you have the pleasure of finding much enthusiasm for Pan American Round Tables in your extension work.

lst Associate Mrs. Gustavo Pena (Lucilla)
May the Pan American Round Table Movement grow and flourish under your Supervision and Direction.

Congratulations to each of you !

STATE DIRECTOR Mrs. Cleo S. Seelinger, Austin
Elect, Mrs. Hugh Hillis, Beaumont

It shall be your duty to preside at all meetings and co-sign all checks issued by the State Treasurer; and to perform such other duties as pertain to the office.

Royal Purple - the color long associated with leadership.

May your term of office be pleasant and the Pan American Round Tables of Texas grow in bonds of Unity and Strength of purpose under your administration.


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