Installation of Officers

Pan American Round Table of Brownsville I

by State Director Peggy Clark

Friday, June 5, 1998

This is a happy occasion and I am very honored to be a part of it. It is a real pleasure for me at the State Convention in Corpus Christi last year to run into Tomasita Lipe and discover that she was a member of Pan American. We knew each other during our children's school years in Corpus Christi. So I was delighted when Nina asked me to install this new board.

By virtue of the authority vested in me as the State Director of Pan American Round Tables, it is my pleasure and honor to install these women as your leaders for 1998-2000. The colors of these flowers symbolize your offices and duties. Please come forward as I call your names.

Director Mrs. Henry Lipe (Tomasita): the color purple represents leadership. As Director of Brownsville I, you will preside at all meetings, countersign all orders on the Treasury; nominate the chairmen of standing committees; appoint all special committees; be ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the nominating committee, and you shall represent the Table on all special occasions. You will embody what it means to be a Pan American woman.

Associate Director Mrs. Carlton Richards (Lynne): the color red signifies spirit. You will give spirit to the group. You shall assume the duties of the Director in her absence and shall be responsible for the indoctrination of new Associate Members, assigning them their roll call countries. As the chairman of the Charro Days Merienda, you will create an atmosphere of fun, gracious hospitality, and lively spirit.

Recording Secretary Mrs. Peyton Sweeney (Peggy): the color blue is a symbol of truth. As Recording Secretary you will record the true happenings of this group. You shall keep the minutes of all meetings in a journal; keep a roster of all members, call the roll alphabetically of the countries represented and preside in the absence of the Director and Associate Director.

Corresponding Secretary Ms. Lita Ortiz: the color yellow stands for light. As Corresponding Secretary it will be your job to enlighten all the members as to the happenings on the State and Alliance levels. You shall send out notices of special meetings and conduct the correspondence of the Table. You will keep the Table in touch with sister Tables.

Treasurer Mrs. Scott Hargis (Sandra): the color white is for trust. The Table entrusts you with its money from the payment of dues, fines, luncheon charges and all other monies due the Table. You will oversee the Table's budget and disburse funds only on order of the Director. You will report at all business meetings and shall serve as the chairman of the Finance Committee.

Historian Mrs. Antonio Tobin (Esther): the color lavender represents joy. As Historian you will have the pleasure of keeping watch over the joyful memories and events of this Table. You are to collect and preserve in systematic order all matters of historic interest to the Table and shall furnish the State and the Alliance Historians with news for insertion in the State and Alliance scrap books

Custodian Mrs. Author Mendez (Olga): the color gray represents dependability. As Custodian, the Table will depend on you to be in charge of the flags and library books belonging to the Table. You are to work with the Decorating Committee and see that the flags of the Pan America countries are properly displayed at every meeting.

Parliamentarian Mrs. David Hughston (Nina): the colors blue and gold are the colors of our Pan American Round Table seal. As immediate past director, when asked, you are to advise the board and share you experience in PART. As Parliamentarian, you shall see that the business of the Table is conducted according to the Tables' Constitution and By-Laws and Robert's Rules of Order.

Members of Pan American Round Table of Brownsville I: I present your officers for the next two years. Tomasita: I present your board.

One for All and All for One Una para Todas y Todas para Una.

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