Installation of Officers


Member at Large - The gift the Director has for you is an address book and a pen to help you retain information about new Pan American friends you meet while doing your work as table ambassador.

Parliamentarian - The gift for you is a ruler and a clock The ruler to help you enforce the rules of parliamentary procedure; the clock for you to watch the hour to see that the director keeps the meetings within reasonable time limits.

Custodian - Your gift is a Ferrari 512 BB Hatchback for you to haul the flags and their accessories around.

Historian - Your gift is & new scrapbook in which to mount news items and pictures, and a pair of Scissors for clipping newspaper articles.

Treasurer - Your gift is an angel night-light to serve as the "midnight oil" you will need to burn while counting the money and balancing the books.

Corresponding Secretary - The gift for you is a letter opener and a box of stationery to help you perform your duties.

Recording Secretary - your gift is a pen and notepad to assist you while taking minutes.

Associate Director - Your gift is a notepad to keep a list of items to remind the Director what to do when she falters while performing her duties, and & prayer book to refer to while praying for the good health of the Director so that she can complete her term.

Immediate Past Director - A Travel Guide to study so that she can plan some trips to celebrate her freedom.

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