by Charlotte Hanley, Immediate Past State Director

April 11, 1999
Ft. Worth, Texas

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I stand before you today to install the officers who will carry the Pan American Round Tables of Texas into the 21st Century. It is always humbling to know you are leading this great organization at the State level, but it must be more so to usher in a new century and new millennium.

At this time, I ask those to be installed to come forward, lining up in the following order- Director, First Associate Director, Second Associate Director, Third Associate Director, Fourth Associate Director, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Parliamentarian, Scholarship Chairman, Immediate Past Director.

_____________ is giving you each some pieces of grapevine tied with ribbons. It was just such grapevine that was used to create the wreath I hold in my hands. The wreath is symbolic of our Round Table name - a circle, no beginning and no ending, symbolizing unity, perpetuity, equal representation and opportunity. In the center of the wreath is a candle in royal blue. As I light the candle, the flame represents our Founder, Florence Terry Griswold's vision of our hemisphere at peace, led by women of vision who through education, not legislation work together for knowledge of the countries of the Americas, knowing that knowledge leads to understanding, which, in turn, leads to peace and friendship. The gold of the flame on the blue candle gives us the colors on your grapevine, the official insignia of the organization.

You have all been elected to enable the work of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas to continue in the fine tradition which those who have gone before have established. Our times, the new roles of women, and the fast-paced movement of cultures and societies give you each individually and collectively as a Board unique challenges that those of yesteryear won't be able to answer directly. You, therefore, are called upon to keep your minds and hearts open, listen to each other, and to the sisters in your individual Tables, and together discern the best way to proceed into the unknown new millenium. Will you each use your individual gifts and abilities to the best of your ability toward this end? Do you recommit yourself to the ideals of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas? Do you accept the responsibility to guide the women of Pan American Round Tables of Texas to fulfill at every level their own commitment to the movement? Your job is to find ways in which women can be challenged to be a part of these goals. Do you accept or renew your leadership responsibilities?

Ladies, you are here today representing all the women of your individual Tables. You have heard the promises of your elected leaders. They can do their work only if you support them. If you pledge your support, I ask you to repeat after me the Pan American pledge. I pledge allegiance to the Pan American movement and endeavor to work with all my power and to the best of my ability to fulfill its objectives Knowledge, Understanding and Friendship until we are "One for all and all for one."

Now, to the new officers, beginning with the Director, please walk around this table and place one of your grapevine pieces into the wreath, returning to your place. These pieces added to the wreath increase its size and beauty and signify the contributions to the movement that you will make during this biennium as a team. The remaining piece of grapevine is yours to take home to remind you of your individual responsibilities and commitment.

You have made your commitment orally and symbolically in the presence of these sisters who, in turn, have promised to under gird and support your efforts according to our motto: "One for all and all for one." I therefore declare the officers of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas, 1999-2001 duly installed.

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