Monarch Butterflies

1995 Installation Service - By Charlotte Hanley
For Odessa PART
Donated by Helen Grewell

High in the mountains west of Mexico City, above the village of Angangueo in the state of Michoacan is a sanctuary for the Monarch butterflies to winter each year. It was my great joy to experience the millions of Monarchs gathered in this special place in February. The day we were there, scientists found four Monarchs that had been tagged in Canada the previous summer. They know that some of the Monarchs live two years, and make that trip TWICE! It is a very special place, and the butterfly is a very special critter, so as we install our officers today, we are going to think about the life of the butterfly.

The Monarch didn't always have its beautiful wings. It began life as an ugly caterpillar who lives in the mud and slithers along on its belly, with his eyes always looking down. Besides being slow, and limited in where it can go, it is good food for the birds, and eats lots of leaves, destroying plants in its wake. But, it doesn’t stay in this situation. It eats and grows, and spins its cocoon, and begins its metamorphosis into the new creature that everyone loves! Transformed, the, butterfly is free – it is not limited to where it can slither, but can fly on the wind currents for thousands of miles, with its eyes up and about.

As we look to our Table's well being during the next year, we have chosen you to be the leaders. What kind of leaders will you be? How will you approach the problems that will arise in this group during the coming year? Will you have a wormy, down-in-the mouth attitude, saying that nothing will turn out anyway, so why try? Will you slither away from responsibilities with hastily made-up excuses? Will you burrow into your hole when difficulties arise?

Or will you be like the Monarch, poised at the beginning of the year with fluttering wings, with your eyes upward and outward, keeping track of progress? Like a butterfly that soars upward, happy to be alive, grateful to be free?

We want butterflies, not caterpillars. We have elected you to serve as officers who will solve problems for us, make important decisions for us, tell us when things are not going well, and encourage us when things look bleak. We want you to have the courage of your convictions, and to impart some of that courage and hopefulness to us. We have every confidence that you will approach your tasks in this way.

Linda, as Director, you set the tone for the whole group. Your cheerful attitude, your enjoyment of being in the company of your Pan American sisters, your appreciation for the help and service given by the Table members – all these are qualities which made us so ready to elect you to serve another year.(as well as your organizational capabilities, and enthusiasm for your job, and for the good of the group!) We certainly hope that your Karma is kinder to you this year, than in the past; but you know we stand ready to assist you when needed and requested.

Macaria, as Associate Director, your primary responsibility is program and Yearbook. In the absence of the Director, you shall assume her duties. With your years of experience in the movement, and dedication to your sisters in Edinburg, we recognize your beautiful wings and readiness to take flight.

Josie, as Recording Secretary, you will keep the records of the attendance and actions at the meetings, In the absence of the Director and Associate Director, you will preside until a chairman pro-tem is elected.

Celeste, you have served well as Corresponding Secretary, sending out correspondence of the organization, getting yearbooks to the appropriate officers, and being available and helpful to all the officers when needed. We happily invest in you this responsibility for another year.

Esperanza, the job as treasurer entails lots of responsibility in collecting and keeping records of monies received and paid out. Our Table takes pride in our scholarships, and all our efforts towards keeping up the funds required. Your careful attention to details will make it all work smoothly.

Josefina, as Parliamentarian, you worked well in seeing that the Constitution is up to date, and that our meetings run smoothly. We appreciate your willingness to continue with this for another year.

Members, do you agree that we do indeed have a group of beautiful butterflies to lead us to our goals for the 1995-96 year? Will you help and encourage them in their leadership? Hearing a oneness in leaders and membership, I declare the officers for the Pan American Round Table of Edinburg duly installed for 1995-1996, and wish for all of you nothing but the best.

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