Installation of Officers for 1995-1997

Pan American Round Table of Corpus Christi

May 16, 1995

by Peggy Lasater Clark

First Associate Director, PARTT

It is my privilege as First Associate Director, Area B, of the State PART to do my first installation ceremony at my own Table. I think it was very brave of Irma Kathryn, Luly and Geri to ask me to do this. It is a special honor for me to install my friend Geri Rice as the Roadmaster/Director of this train called PARTCC.

The Roadmaster of a railroad knows where all the trains are in the system, directs their movements and plans ahead. Just as our Director Geri Rice will lead this Table for the next two years. She will preside at all meetings, appoint standing committees, be an ex-officio member of all committees and see to the general welfare of the Table. She will help her crew plan for the next State PART convention to be held in Corpus Christi in the spring of 1997.

This railroad hat and bandanna are symbols of her position.

The following women are members of her crew:

The Conductor of PARTCC is First Associate Director Elvira Wendl, who will chair the Education Committee. As Conductor you will be in charge of education of the membership through programs which will excite us and field trips which will broaden our horizons. You and your committee will assign roll call countries to the members. You will assist the Roadmaster whenever called upon.

The Engineer of PARTCC is the driver of the train. Our Second Associate Director Lidia Suris, as chairman of Membership/Yearbook Committee, will be in charge of keeping track of our members, who are what make this Pan American Table so effective. You will gather the information for two yearbooks. These will tell what the members will be doing each year.

The Pullman Porter is Third Associate Director Jessica Ferrell, the chairman of the Hospitality Committee. As Pullman Porter you will see to it that the passengers (we the members) have comfortable accommodations, delicious food and fun parties. You and your committee will assign the hostesses for each month and plan our evening party or other special event each year.

The Signal Tower Operator is our Fourth Associate Director Clydell Gilmore. You will publicize to the community and to the State and Alliance organizations through their publications what PARTCC is doing. You will record our doings on film and keep our memories in the scrapbook.

The Telegraph Operator, Corresponding Secretary Sue Vosseller, will send and receive messages to and from the Tables in this Hemisphere. She will make sure that we never lose contact.

The Station Clerk, Recording Secretary Frances Sames, will keep a true record of all our meetings and of the attendance of our members. She will assist the Roadmaster/Director in keeping business on track.

The Fireman, Treasurer Michelle Moffitt, is responsible for making sure the PARTCC has plenty of fuel/money to keep it running. You will collect dues, scholarship donations and memorials. You will make disbursements on the order of the Roadmaster/Director and will make regular reports at our monthly meetings.

The Gandy Dancer was the person who coupled and uncoupled the cars and later became the trouble shooter. Our Gandy Dancer is Custodian Marjorie Mueck. You will be in charge of our flags and will see to it that the flags are displayed, according to flag etiquette, at all our meetings.

The Brakeman, Parliamentarian Irma Kathryn Morley, will see to it that we follow our constitution and bylaws in all that we do. And, as past Director you will advise the Roadmaster when asked.

The Dispatcher, Scholarship Chairman Vera McGonigle, and her committee work closely with the Fireman/Treasurer to give monies to those students, professors and projects that the membership feels will fulfill the PART purpose.

Roadmaster Geri, I give you the members of your crew. Through your leadership this Table will meet the challenges of increased scholarship giving and of hostessing the best ever State convention. PARTCC will be the Table that could and did.

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