The Purpose of Constitutional Law and Parliamentary Procedure

The purpose of Constitutional Law and Parliamentary Procedure is to safeguard three all-important RIGHTS.

    1. the RIGHT of the majority to rule
    2. the RIGHT of the minority to be heard
    3. the RIGHT of the individual to take part in making decisions

The job of a club or association Parliamentarian is to step in using references such as Roberts' Rules (every club should own a copy) and common sense whenever

  1. a small group or committee takes power over the membership,
  2. the majority acts like a bully, not allowing any opposition, or
  3. when individual members do not feel that their opinions are important or valued.

In the case of the PARTT, any Table not operating according to our framework Constitution (for instance, allowing any of the above problems to develop, or failing to protect the RIGHTS listed above) faces being dropped by vote of the Board of Directors.

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