1. Accept the Basic Constitution of the Alliance, which is to be the basis for all Constitutions in the Alliance., Tables, State and National.
  2. Write By-Laws, individual to each Table, and submit them to the person in your zone appointed to receive By-Laws for approval.
  3. Send copies of these By-laws to the Director General and the parliamentarian.
  4. Correspond with the Associate Director of the Zone in which the Table is, and if the Table is newly founded, send to the Associate Director the minutes of the Installation Meeting of the Table.
  5. Pay annual dues and per capita fee to the Treasurer of the Alliance by the end of April ($10. dues and $.50 per capita Alliance travel fund fee - U. S. currency)
  6. Send the highlights of the activities of the Table to the Chairman of the Information Committee of the Alliance as frequently as possible.
  7. Send an annual report to the Board Meeting, and a biennial report to the Convention, by delegates to the Convention or by mail, in case the delegates cannot attend.
  8. Elect three official delegates to the Alliance Convention.
  9. Send the complete list of members, their addresses and the name of the country they represent, as well as the office they hold in the Table, to the Secretary of the Alliance.
  10. Concentrate on Pan American work by developing programs of international cultural nature, and by interchange of letters and personal contacts with members of other Tables.

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