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Each Pan American Round Table in the State is a Subordinate Group of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas, a Texas Corporation, and, as such, operates according to the Framework Constitution and By-laws of the Pan American Round Tables of Texas.

  1. The State Director is required by law to file a statement annually with the Internal Revenue Service as to whether or not there have been any changes in the purposes of your Table-or any deletions or changes in the By-laws of your Table during a fiscal year.
    Not later than May 15th of each year send a statement to the Incumbent State Director containing such changes if any. Send a statement affirming that no changes have been made if that is the case.
  2. Instruct the Treasurer to send a financial statement to the State Director not later than June 1st of each year.
    Remind the Treasurer to file Form 990 as required by the IRS The instructions for filling it out as well as the identification Number are in the former Treasurer's file.
  3. As early as possible, send copies of the membership lists to the State Director, Corresponding Secretary and the Publications Committee Chairman.
    Send copies of the yearbook to the State Director, Corresponding Secretary, the Area Associate Director, State Historian and Publications Committee Chairman.
  4. As soon after the biennial convention as is possible, invite the State Director and the State Corresponding Secretary to visit your Table. Invite the Associate Director for your Area to visit your Table also but not with the Director and her Secretary as you will benefit more from separate visits. Suggest several specified dates for such visits. It is necessary for the visiting officers to coordinate their visits and plan carefully so that the cost in time and money will be kept to a minimum.
    It is advantageous for the State Director to visit all Tables in the State during the first year of her term of office.
  5. Table officers should have been elected prior to the dates of the biennial convention. Please do not fail to send a list of your elected officers, with addresses and zip codes to your newly elected State Director immediately if you did not give it to the incumbent Director at the convention.
  6. Upon publication of the names of the members of the Nominating Committee in the Panamericana Texana send names of members your Table would like to place before the committee as prospective officers or committee members (along with background data) to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.
  7. Remind the Table Historian to send copies of all newspaper clippings and other items of a historical nature to the State Historian at the time they are available.
  8. Remind the Publicity Chairman or the Table Historian to send material to the Editor of the Panamericana Texana for publication.

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