Pan American Round Tables of Texas

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PART Constitutions
and Bylaws

Actkinson, Louise, San Antonio A Visit to the OAS, Washington, DC, 2008
Beilharz, Mrs. Edward, Los Gatos, California History of the Pan American Round Table Movement, 1961
Castro, Audreyjane (Ajay) The Meaning of Pan Americanism, April 14, 2000
  El Significado de Pan Americanismo, Abril 14, 2000
  State Director's "Must" List
  Table Directors' "Must" List
Catalán, Luz Gisela Anzaldúa The Value of the Time We Offer
Cross, Stephen J. Archives Key to City's Identity (refers to work of UTSA Archivist Jill Jackson )
De Gutierrez Suarez, Emma E. Pan American Creed
De Kelley, Margarite S. Ten Commandment of a Good Panamericanist, 1964
  16 Ways to Kill An Organization, 1986
Griswold, Florence Terry Speech, Beaumont Texas 1939
Hawkins, Gladys S. Hints and Help
Marchbanks, Lois Terry The Pan American Round Table, 1983

Biography of Mrs. Florence Terry Griswold, (pp. 5-11)


Biografia de Florence Terry Griswold, (pp. 5-11)

Mecaskey, Imogene Membership Ideas
Pool, Ina A. Long Range Planning Committee Report - 2009 PARTT Convention
Richards, Helena T.M. Our Relationship with the Organization of American States, April 18, 2008
  Alliance-OAS Liaison Committee, June 2007
  Alianza de Mesas Redondas Panamericanas Sociedad Civil Acreditada, Marzo 22, 2002
  Committee OAS, February 1, 2002
  Comité OEA,February 1, 2002
  The Dignity of Women, November 18, 2001
  La Dignidad de la Mujer, 18 de noviembre del 2001
  How Do We Start New Tables, January 2001
  Cómo iniciamos nuevas mesas, January 2001
  Background of Pan American Round Tables
Received copy 2016 "The Status of Women in the Americas" preseented at the XXVI Alliance Convention held in Lima Peru, October 26-31, 1998
Received copy 2016 "La Mujer, Dentro del Marco Panamericano" presentado por Helena T. M. Richards, Comite Consultivo, at the XXVI Convencion De Alianza De MM.RR.PP., Octubre 26 al 31, 1988 in Lima, Peru
  Alliance and State Convention Protocol
  Protocolo en Convenciones de la Alianza de Mesas Redondas Panamericanas
Simpson, Gladys How to Prepare for a Convention, 2000
  Cómo prepararse para una convención, 2000
Sorell, Mrs. Frank W. (Jeannette) As I Knew Mrs Florence Terry Griswold, 1955 Convention
Trotter, Mrs. Clyde P History of PART Movement, February 7, 1967
Unknown Author or Table First Twenty-one Years of History for PARTT
  Proclamation on Pan American Women
  Purpose of Constitutional Law
  Ten Commandments - PART, April, 1999 updated
  Ten Commandments
Williams, Mrs. J. Tom, Charter Member, San Antonio Table Memorial Program for Mrs. Florence Terry Griswold 1941
Williams, Sylvia Alliance of Pan American Round Tables, Civil Society Member of the Organization of American States, October 3, 2005

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Speeches, Programs and Reports