1. Be sincere, but without offending people. The desire to serve and not hurt others should be the guiding light of your sincerity.
  2. Do your utmost to awaken not only in yourself, but in all those around you, the latent ethical sense that is innate to all human beings.
  3. Create a cordial atmosphere around you by being always courteous, understanding and cooperative.
  4. Rejoice if you are a responsible person; re-educate yourself if you are not. Responsibility is one of the pillars on which the success of Pan Americanism rests.
  5. Be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm will increase your efficiency and allow you to reap great satisfaction.
  6. Be discreet and tactful in dealing with your co-members.
  7. Love your Table; by loving it you love your Neighbor and also God.
  8. Respect yourself and respect others, but remember also that you have the right to demand that you be respected.
  9. Interest yourself sincerely in everything around you. This sincere interest will allow you to develop your potentials to the maximum.
  10. Act with loyalty, but don't let the maximum expression of that loyalty be your unconditional support to a person, but rather, support to a cause: Union, Friendship and Good Will.

Margarite S. De Kelley, Monterrey P.A.R.T. 1964

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