Updated April, 1999

  1. Accept and adopt the basic Constitution of the Alliance, which is to be the basis for all Constitutions in the Alliance, Tables, State and National.
  2. To draw up its own Constitution and By-Laws within these same lines, present them to the membership for approval, and finally submit them to the Alliance for its final approval. Print them in your yearbook each year for your members.
  3. Send copies of the same and your yearbook to the State Director, Director General, the Parliamentarian & Recording Secretary of the Alliance, your Zone, State and Area Director, and also the Associate Director General. A copy of your yearbook should be mailed to the above every year. As soon as elections of officers are held, send names & addresses to the above also.
  4. As soon as the Table has been duly established, inform the Zone, Area and Alliance Director of this fact, sending her a copy of its Charter, list of members and minutes of the Installation Meeting of the Table.
  5. To pay promptly, before the end of the month of April, the dues that each Table should pay the Alliance ($15. 00 as annual dues per Table, plus $2. 00 per Table member plus State of Texas dues).
  6. To send a highlights of the activities of your Table as frequently as possible to the Chairman of the EDITORIAL Committee and a copy to your Zone and Area Director.
  7. To send an annual report to the State and Alliance Board (through the Zone Director), and biennially to the Alliance Convention, through delegates when they attend the Convention, or through the mail if they do not.
  8. To designate two delegates to the Texas State Convention, and one delegate and two alternates before the biennial Convention to represent the Table, but with only one vote per Table. A letter from the Table, stating the names of the delegates & alternates must accompany the delegate to the Convention. This credentials letter must be on Table letterhead and signed by both the Table Director and the Recording Secretary.
  9. To send to the Alliance Recording Secretary and Texas Corresponding Secretary a complete list of members with names, addresses and telephone numbers, as well as country representations.
  10. To develop and successfully fulfill whatever program or project the Table has decided to sponsor. These types of projects to be always of a cultural, educational or international nature, using letter writing and personal contact among the Tables or Table members to achieve this objective, keeping in mind the stated theme or focus of the Director General during her term of office.

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