The following was given to all delegates at the Alliance Convention in Puebla, Mexico in October 1996. It was presented by Margarita S. de Kelley, Recording Secretary of the Alliance. (I don't know what year!). It is not meant to raise your ire or to make anyone feel badly, but if you see yourself here, vow to make a change for this coming year. One for All and All for One! --Imogene


  1. Don't attend meetings, but if you do, arrive late.
  2. Be sure to leave the meeting before it is over.
  3. Never have anything to say at meetings; wait until you get outside.
  4. When in meetings, vote to do everything, then go home & do nothing.
  5. The next day find fault with your officers and fellow members.
  6. Take no part in the organization's affairs.
  7. Be sure to sit in the back so you can talk things over with another member. Nobody will notice even if they can't hear the program.
  8. Get all the organization will give but give nothing in return.
  9. Talk cooperation but never cooperate.
  10. Never ask anyone to join the organization.
  11. Threaten to resign at every opportunity, tell others they are standing far too much.
  12. If asked to help, always say you are too busy and don't have time.
  13. Never read anything pertaining to the organization. You might find out too much.
  14. Never accept an office. It is much easier to criticize than to do things.
  15. If appointed to a committee, never give any time to the committee. Let the chairman do it all.
  16. Don't do anything more than you have to, and when others willingly and unselfishly use their ability to help the cause, howl because the 0rganization is being run by a clique.

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