BY: Helena T.M. Richards, Advisory Council

Having an interested group of ladies is not enough to start a new Table. To achieve complete success we should follow a certain procedure and it is the responsibility of the sponsoring Table to instruct the new members and guide them throughout the process. Zone Directors are also valuable sources of information and they should be consulted as soon as possible.

Material to be distributed to new Tables: (By Zone Directors)

1.- Alliance Constitution and By-Laws.

2.- Guidelines for all Alliance Committees.

3.- "Background of the Pan American Round Tables" (by Helena Richards)

4.- Yearbook and Constitution and By-Laws of sponsoring Table.

5.- Convention Manual and Protocol Guide

6.- Latest Alliance Directory.

7.- Latest "Boletín Panamericano".

Steps towards organizing a new Table:

1.- Contact a group of interested ladies.

2.- Invite them to attend the general meeting of your Table. (if possible)

3.- Zone Director or sponsoring members should attend an informational meeting of the new table. Review written material and answer questions.

4.- New group appoints a committee to write their Constitution and By-Laws.

5.- Constitution and By-Laws are sent to Zone Director, Alliance Parliamentarian and State or National Parliamentarian (if applicable)

6.- General Meeting is held and Board members are elected.

7.- Board Members are installed.

8.- Complete list of members (with addresses, etc.) is sent to Zone Director and State or National Director (if applicable)

9.- Roster of activities and list of members is distributed to all members.

10.- Member/s of sponsor Table should be invited to first few meetings.

11.- Zone Director should be consulted for suggestions, problems, etc.

12.- After Constitution and By-Laws are approved by Alliance Parliamentarian, Table is eligible to receive Alliance Charter at Alliance Convention.

13.- Prepare for attending Alliance Convention and accepting Charter.

14.- Pay dues to Alliance and to National or State Assoc. (if applicable)

15.- Keep abreast of Alliance activities through Zone Director.

16.- Participate in National or State Assoc. activities. (if applicable)

After the new Table is fully Chartered it should continue "growing". Not necessarily in number of members, but by strengthening its structure and setting new goals. COOPERATION is the key word. Members are there to contribute, not only to "belong". Success is only achieved through UNITY and WORK. There isn't a greater satisfaction than having a great fund-raiser and knowing that it was successful because of the efforts of each member. On the other hand, isn't it sad to observe that the Table can't accomplish goals due to members' lack of interest or participation?


One for All and All for One = Our Motto. (Let's live up to it)

Cooperation = It is meant to apply to each member, not just a few.

Unity = What keeps us together.

Tolerance = What we have to practice in order to avoid conflicts.

Friendship = What develops when working towards a common goal.

Respect = Precious virtue to uphold at all times, towards everyone.

Diligence = It Means never giving up without trying hard.

Sincerity = Willing to admit our mistakes and learn from them.

Criticism = Something to avoid.

Constructive Criticism = Valuable if used properly.

Member of a Pan American R. Table = A person who truly believes in the ideals of Panamericanism and its objectives.

Board Members = Members who have accepted to fulfill responsibilities.

Committees = The heart and soul of the Table.

Seminars = Learning sessions. Important to attend.

Conventions = Sharing experiences and friendship with members of all the other Tables in the continent.

Alliance of PART = The Organization that holds us together as a FAMILY.

Alliance Officers = Our experienced leaders.

Alliance Committees = They work at a continental level for the progress of the Alliance. Its members represent each Alliance Zone.

Alliance Zones = Geographical distribution of the Tables within the Continent.

National and State PART Associations = They coordinate activities of a group of Tables at a regional level.

Constitution and By-Laws = Our Bible. We have to abide by the rules always.

Let me conclude with some sincere piece of advice: Never hesitate to ask for help or to admit mistakes and be sure to give your best towards achieving the Table's goals. Our greatest reward is to share in the success of our Table and of our Continental Family. Personal recognition is nice but by no means should it be our main concern.

Proud to be a Pan American Member!

Helena Torres-Muga Richards, 1986-88 Director General

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